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Christopher Hufton: The Building of a Center to Empower Community, especially Youth, is Commendable!

04.30.17 Posted in News, Global News, USA News

Pastor Christopher Hufton of Roswell, Georgia passionately supports the work of Imbako Foundation in rural Kenya. A Georgia Tech graduate and currently youth pastor, Christopher has a background in construction and reiterates the importance of having a standing facility as a place of safety, training, learning and consequently empowerment. As a youth pastor, he advocates for the support and empowerment of youth. He says “We know how important is to have a facility for people to feel safe in, to learn and grow in...The dream of having a center for the community to be used as a center point for training, learning and empowering people is so critical. However, it is only possible when people choose to rally behind and support the foundation. People like you!” In 2016, Imbako Public Health & Imbako Foundation launched a campaign to build a community and research center in rural Kenya. Titled IPHCRC, the center will be one where members will be taught, encouraged and empowered. Taught; Basic education in language, healthcare, arts, business and IT will be offered. Encouraged; Partnership with local and international churches will ensure faith is built. Empowered; Internship in local organizations and training in entrepreneurial skills will empower the members. The first phase of the center is projected to have 6 classrooms, a library, a conference room, and primary healthcare room. The lobby of the building will serve as a common area and exhibition hall where artwork of local and global initiatives will be showcased. The grounds will be used for apiculture and agriculture initiatives. Fundraising platforms are via (1). GoFundMe page here (2). Donation via website here (3). Drop off or mail of any educational material or ipads to Imbako at 48 Old Roswell Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009 Thank you! Asante!

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