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PhD the atypical path followed?

11.01.14 Posted in News, Global News, USA News

PhD the atypical path followed?
In October 2014, Imbako co-founder Dr. Irene Okech was invited to speak at her alma mater; University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health. The speech entitled “PhD the atypical path followed?” conveyed to those present the unique pathways individuals face towards the application to and journey through the PhD program. Emphasizing the benefits of the atypical pathways that individuals take towards a PhD, the speech also highlighted various doctoral career pathways and varied local and international opportunities in the field of public health. Irene shared the insights she had gathered along the pathway on her doctoral studies, encouraging students to maximize the time to hone their research skills, identify mentors to work with and for, to look out for additional funding opportunities towards their proposed research, and take advantage of the time towards scholarly networking. She also shared insights on attitude and perspective encouraging the students to approach situations they’d face with a tenacity to learn and resolution to teach back what they’d learn. Dr. Okech obtained her PhD in Public Health (Health Policy), where her research focused on outcomes of treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus across hospital types within the United States

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