Allaying Disparities in Education Facing the Girl Child

From the United Nations, we heed that a disproportionate number of girls in these nations lack the opportunity to obtain elementary and high school education and an even lesser number have an Opportunities towards undergraduate education. Conversely, we recognize that education is critical towards breaking the cycle of poverty that these vulnerable communities face.

The Imbako Community Library

Toward the promotion of literacy, knowledge and education, Imbako has an ongoing initiative to build a community library. The library is projected to house a wide array of books and be open to community members to read, and also borrow.

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Maternal and Child Health Services

In rural Kenya, maternal, neonatal and child morbidities and mortalities are above average, due to inadequate, or a lack of pre& post-natal care. Imbako Public Health, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, local and international organizations, strives to assuage the situation, by promoting and supporting Maternal & Child Health Care Services among these vulnerable communities.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

As reported by the World Health Organization, Kenyan women and children are disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS. Those living in rural areas face an even tougher battle due to a lack of education and medical services. Through promotion of awareness campaigns and prevention teaching via programs targeting local forums, Imbako joins the fight towards the curb of new infections and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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Trees and Forests

One of Kenya’s chief environmental concerns is deforestation. At present, less than one quarter of the land remains forested, and an estimated 19 square miles of forest are lost each year. Imbako promotes tree planting activities in neighboring farms, houses, schools and public institutions.

Agriculture and Apiculture

The livelihood of the rural Kenyan population is maintained through farming and Agriculture. Imbako partners with local and international organizations to educate communities on effective farming techniques, cultivars, water catchment and irrigation, allowing them to make the best of prevailing assets and ensure a sustainable livelihood.

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Research and Policy

By carrying out research, Imbako’s purpose is to build sustainable initiatives that engender the well-being of vulnerable populations; and provide a long-lasting impact that will influence public health policy.

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