Allaying Disparities in Education faced by the girl child

Allaying Disparities in Education

Disparities in education facing the girl child in developing nations are still in existence. From the United Nations, we heed that a disproportionate number of girls in these nations lack the opportunity to obtain elementary and high school education and an even lesser number have an Opportunities towards undergraduate education. Conversely, we recognize that education is critical towards breaking the cycle of poverty that these vulnerable communities face. Moreover, we have seen that the benefit of educating a woman in society translates to healthier communities and better country economics. However, for girls in rural Kenya, these disparities in education still exist.

By partnership with Georgia State University, and resultant collaboration on the Global Impact Project, Imbako Public Health has been instrumental in raising awareness of the importance of education to all, and in channeling efforts to support education of the girl child in rural Kenya. The Global Impact Project involves Beta Alpha Psi encouraging education by establishing a fully funded undergraduate education scholarship to a Kenyan Student that will enable her to attain a complete undergraduate education in Business or Education field. The goal of the project was to initially send one Kenyan student to a Kenyan college /university in September 2010, and increase the number to two students the following semester in January of 2011. However, the team members went above and beyond and raised enough funds to finance the education of not only one but five students, by end of 2011. As of January, 2013 13 girls from rural Kenya have been enabled to obtain undergraduate education via the GIP scholarships. What an exemplary way to make a global difference!

To learn more about the global impact project, read the analysis on the impact of the initiative and see how you can get involved.

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The Imbako Community Library

“Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.”

Imbako Community Library

Toward the promotion of literacy, knowledge and education, Imbako has an ongoing initiative to build a community library. The library is projected to house a wide array of books and be open to community members to read, and also borrow.

Books for Africa partnered with Imbako and donated books worth approximately $165,000 toward the community library. Pending is to raise the shipping costs to transport the books from Atlanta, Georgia to Kitale, Kenya. This library initiative is also in collaboration with Georgia State University’s Beta Alpha Psi- Global Impact project, whose scholarships enable purchase of text books towards educational curricula.

To date, further donations of books towards the library have been made by individuals and organizations in like and in kind. To see how you can be involved in building the Imbako community library, please click here (to insert link to direct them to direct them to the initiatives page)

“Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.”

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